Apollo Leak Detection

How our advanced, non-obtrusive detection systems can save you money and property damage.

Apollo Leak Detection

Your water can run, but it cannot hide from the Leak Detectives!

Our state-of-the-art electronic leak detection equipment in the hands of our skilled professionals can promptly and accurately pinpoint your plumbing leak...

You do not want to leave this “detective work” to just anybody. The old fashioned “listen, hit and miss” approach just won’t cut it. This could take many hours or even days and leave your poor concrete floors looking like the crater-pocked surface of the moon. Exaggeration? Maybe, but not by much...

Our licensed and trained plumbing professionals can diagnose and repair any underground leak and we specialize in slab leak detection.

Pinpointing removes the guesswork, saving you time, money and property damage!

Once we have uncovered the source of your leak we will consult with you on our findings and offer options for repair or replacement. We can also provide estimates on partial or complete pipe replacements (see our Repiping page to learn more).

No matter where the leak is located, inside, outside, walls or ceilings, we can help!

Our hi-tech specialty equipment, extensive training and experience have saved our customers untold thousands of dollars in location, repair and unnecessary property damage over the years!

How to determine if you have a hidden or underground leak...

Often people have no idea that they even have a leak - until they receive their monthly water bill statement. This can be revealed slowly over time as a pin-hole leak develops for example, or more suddenly depending on the type of leak.

Another way people realize they have a leak in a water line is simply by hearing it. This can be rather distinct if your pipes are copper tubing since copper is a good conductor of sound. Often it’s louder at your faucets because they can act as “mini-amplifiers.”

Obviously you’ll want to check every valve in your home to make sure nothing was left running, even at a trickle. Two often overlooked sources would be toilets and hose faucets. Toilets often run without notice since the water simply runs down through the bowl. If such is the case, turn it off at the supply stop - if this stops the leak and the sound, then you’re in luck! Give us a call and we’ll have it “tuned up” and back in service in no time. Outside hose faucets can easily be left on or not turned off tightly enough. Take a quick walk around the perimeter.

You’ll also want to inspect the rest of your house for any obvious signs of damage or moisture. Check your water heater, under your dishwasher and sinks. Look closely at your floors, walls and ceilings. If no luck with any of these steps you likely have an underground lead. Time to call in the leak detectives...

Isolating the leak

In the meantime, you may wish to isolate the leak (optional) while awaiting the plumber’s arrival. The next steps are fairly simple ones to determine if the leak is underground outside or inside, perhaps under your floors. With any “luck” you may find that it’s outside in your water main. This is the main water supply from the street water meter to your house connection (or from your pump, if on a well system).

First, turn off your main water cut-off valve to the house. This is typically just outside or inside your home or near a water heater, water softener or filter, depending on layout. This should shut off all the water to the entire house. Test this by opening a faucet to alleviate the pressure and drain it down until it stops flowing. Now listen again...

Do you hear any water running? If silence, you may have just isolated the leak to underneath your home’s floors. At least now you have control over the leak and can turn the water on and off until it’s repaired to conserve water.

On the other hand, if your house water is off tightly but you still hear the sound of water running, you may be experiencing a leak outside in your water main. Again, this is typically a line that runs underground between your main water cut off valve and the water meter near the street.

First, walk along an imaginary line between these points where you feel the pipe may be running. With any luck you may come across a particularly wet or moist area, or even some water bubbling up out of the ground (depending on how deep your main line was buried). If so, congratulations! You now know that at least your floors will not have to be disturbed, plus you just saved the plumber some time.

One, final step...

If your leak is small and/or the sound is faint or you simply want to make sure that you’re not “hearing things,” you may be able to confirm the leak by checking the water meter.

First, confirm that all of the faucets and valves in and around your home are shut off tightly as before - if anyone else is home, be sure they also comply for a few minutes. Now check to see if your meter is spinning. If it’s an old meter, you may have to make a mark and time it for a while until there’s noticeable movement. However, most water meters have a “leak detector” dial which is usually a small, star-shaped head that spins around at the slightest movement of water passing through.

You’ve done all you could...

We hope that this little guide has helped. Hopefully your problem was found to be a minor one. If not, take heart in knowing that you have us in your corner! Conserve water, save money and unnecessary damage by calling the experts today!

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